Saturday, November 4, 2017

Advertisement 10

If you are displeased because I haven't blogged for a while worry not. I have been working on my other blog lately. The blog "Of Mice and Quanta" which I started in 2013 and supposed to be a diary of my work as a computational scientist has been evolved now to a tech blog. Introducing "Because we code"*

* Name subject to change

Friday, October 27, 2017

Party like it's 2000

Time to take out your party hats from the closets. It's time to celebrate another odd event. As of today I am 2000 weeks old.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Polar Regular

The G20 meeting was next to my office and I knew in advance that there will be a lot of hassle. So, I thought it’s time to travel the world again. Since, I was about to become 20 million minutes old I decided to fulfill one of my bucket list goals and travel to the polar region. My destination was Tromsø/Norway. With 69° North, Tromsø is north of the polar circle and it will also boost my bounding box. One highlight in my travel was to see the midnight sun. 

It’s fascinating to have no sunset and sunrise. People didn’t seem to care for day or “night”, at least my host family was active at 2 am.
Let’s take a look on the numbers. 

As my website shows there’s no dawn or dusk, no sunset and sunrise in Tromsø. Compared to that Hamburg has all of that. It only misses an astronomical dawn and dusk this time of the year.
Beside the midnightsun, there was a lot more, which I will not detail, like my quest for Munch’s “Scream”, the attack of a seagull, and the masses of German tourists. Ouugh German tourists, they are the worst, I mean we are the worst.
Even more German tourists in the port of Oslo.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Ant of Wall Street

My brother told me of a friend who buys one share of a company to get invited to the shareholder meetings. He does that for the free meals at the meetings. Back in Denver, I wanted to do the same thing and looked for publicly traded companies based in Denver. I found Einstein Bros and I bought shares. If a company would have a good meal at the shareholder meeting it has to be that bagel restaurant chain. But then when the meeting took place, I decided to go to work and not to take vacation just for that. Now, I had the possibility to go to a meeting again. This time to the meeting of Beiersdorf AG. Unlike Sina's friend, I don't just bought one share. That's cheap. No, I own shares...two of them.
When I was an undergrad, I had a professor who was the owner of a house with a bakery as a tenant. Whenever he wanted to celebrate with us, he bought cake from that bakery to support his tenant. Naturally, I want to support the companies I have some shares from by praising their good products. I was afraid I would overdue. But thank god that didn't happen. It's actually not possible with Beiersdorf products. There products are already awesome - no adds needed. For example the dry air in Denver ruined my hands-the Eucerin lotion repaired the damage. Just knowing Hansaplast/Elastoplast is  used on a wound, will take away the pain. Forget Scotch tape- it can't prevent Scotland to separate from Great Britain. Germans used Tesa tape to glue East and West Germany together and they stick together ever since. I would like to say Nivea is the secret behind my young look.
The first surprise for me was the airport like security check at the entrance. As I said, I went to the meeting for the goodies: free lunch, product samples, maybe even a gift. I was not the only one who was there for the goodies. There were a lot of people who enjoyed free coffee and cake instead listen to the annual report. Those were mostly old people - or maybe young people who never used Nivea. So, that was one big group. Another group attended the meeting to ask for more dividend. There is a time in the meeting where shareholders can ask questions to the board. The first person asked several questions and ended with a request to think about paying more dividend. The second shareholder came up and demanded more dividend, it's the right thing to do. The third shareholder, I kid you not, threatened to sell his stocks if not more dividend is paid. How should he survive with what the board decided to pay.
Yes, I get paid dividend by Beiersdorf. A part of the profits is paid to the shareholders. I want you to remember that the next time you take a round, blue can with lotion from the store shelve. There are 227 million shares and two of them are mine. So, 2/227 millionth of the profit goes from your pocket directly to my. I didn't wait for the fourth shareholder to ask for more dividend and left before they served lunch. Even though I didn't end up with a free lunch, I was not too upset because I got a gift bag with goodies.
I love goodies